The Challenge

The idea is: “Read books, recite Quran and remember Allah”. Children will create their own reading challenge from our selection of Islamic story books. They will also select a remembrance-of-Allah exercise from a selected Adhkar list, these will be adhkar that are normally outside their school curriculum, and they will choose how many times to recite them. Most likely by the end of the exercise they will have memorised them (which is great!). Finally, students who are capable of reciting Quran, will additionally choose a recitation quota from selected surahs of high virtue to recite a chosen number of times.

Whilst doing the challenge children will get family and friends to support them by sponsoring them.

These are some of the benefits

  1. Reading of Islamic story books and being exposed to the morals to be learned from the books at the same time as being simulated and entertained.
  2. Reciting Quran and learning about the rewards of reciting particular surahs.
  3. Doing adhkaar and learning about the rewards and importance of remembering Allah.
  4. Assemblies on the importance of personal recitation the importance of adhkaar, Istighfaar and salawaat on the Prophet SAW.
  5. Learn about the process of dedicating the rewards of their good deeds to the deceased.
  6. Understanding about students who are more disadvantaged than themselves and being grateful of what Allah has given them.
  7. Understand the rewards and nobility of giving to charity and of helping to raise money for charity.
  8. Children uniting to raise money for improvements in their own school.