The Cause

Development projects:

  1. Curriculum overall inc a more comprehensive Tarbiya program, student diaries etc.
  2. Schemes of work inc thinking skills etc, readymade teaching resources e.g. activity handouts.
  3. Parents training videos (e.g. how to supervise your child at homework time) and workshop resources.
  4. Qaidah videos (e.g. How letters are pronounced correctly) and Apps (Learning the Arabic letters – reading and writing).
  5. Teacher training course development.
  6. Arabic language syllabus.
  7. Providing bursaries to literature writers.
  8. Bespoke madrassa  database and  curriculum platform.
  9. Standardised Assessment centre.
  10. SEN provisions for supplementary islamic education

Helping disadvantaged learners:

One portion of monies raised will go to students of madrassas (particularly students of Quran) in third world countries. Donations will be channelled through our charity partner.

How does the partner madrassa benefit?

We will be reinvesting money into each local madrassa by:

  • Purchasing teaching resources:
    • Laptops and projectors for more interactive teaching.
    • Tablets for data management.
  • Purchasing resources for student enrichment:
    • Bookshelves.
    • Children’s books.
  • Long term access to Rashidun developed resources.